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Laski Mental Wellness & Counseling, LLC

Providing a Safe Non-judgmental Place for Healing

If you have found my website, you must be looking for help and healing. I know this process can be overwhelming and make one feel vulnerable. I provide a safe, respectful, nonjudgmental setting to explore and discover solutions to diverse challenges. A critical element of therapy is the development of a trusting relationship between the client and therapist and can impact the healing process. Healing is a unique and individual process, as such, I believe it is important to learn of the uniqueness of each client and their goals for therapy.


I serve clients with a wide range of symptoms including depression, anxiety, panic attacks, gender dysphoria, social fears, substance abuse, and those who want to work toward a greater quality of life.


I have a doctorate degree in clinical social work (DSW), a license as an independent clinical social work (LICSW), and a license as an alcohol and drug counselor (LADC). 


I have been an advocate/trainer/educator on the health and well-being of LGBTQ people for over 20 years. I provide mental health services to LGBTQ adolescents and adults. I write letters of support for gender affirming surgeries

WPATH GEI SOC8 Certified Member

Contact Information

Dr. Sandra Laski

Cell: 612.202.0535


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